Between the bells I am writing this on Christmas when bells are very special and auspicious, but those bells which we are going to discuss don’t ring today, anywhere in the whole world. Ring a bell??? Ok enough of the wordplay, I am talking about the 9:15 and 15:30 bells of the Indian Stock market. […]

In the name of INDIA

So the dial has been cast and sides have been chosen. This is for the final battle of 2024 and also the upcoming assembly elections of 3 Hindi Heartland states (M.P, C.G. & Rajasthan) and 2 other states. With less than 12 months to go, everyone is looking out for their best interest and choosing […]

The Boiling Pot

Usually, I start on a light-hearted note or with some anecdote, but there is nothing funny about this from any angle. The horrendous video from Manipur that has surfaced left us with thousand thoughts in mind but no word on our lips. We will take a step back and try to decipher what led to […]

Rise of Right or Wrong

Over the past one and half decade, we have seen a global trend of change in leadership and the emergence of Right-wing ideology throughout the world. This is not limited to a certain geographical region or has something to do with socioeconomic parameters of the countries as the phenomenon is prevalent from Russia(northeastern hemisphere) to […]