Rise of Right or Wrong

Over the past one and half decade, we have seen a global trend of change in leadership and the emergence of Right-wing ideology throughout the world. This is not limited to a certain geographical region or has something to do with socioeconomic parameters of the countries as the phenomenon is prevalent from Russia(northeastern hemisphere) to Brazil(southwestern hemisphere) and from the USA(most developed and liberal democracy) to Turkey(low-income middle eastern Religious pseudo-democracy).

This phenomenon is generally spearheaded by a STRONG ULTRA NATIONALIST  APHA MALE i.e. from Donald Trump in the USA to Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and from Vladimir Putin in Russia to Narendra Modi in India with whole administration overshadowed by their larger than life persona. Almost all of them came to power by projecting themselves as a beacon of change and that they are the last option people have if they want to save their country from going to the dogs, invoking their sense of pride and patriotic sentiments. Most of them came to power with a large majority.

After coming to power they did deliver on most of their promises like Trump on the economy, Narendra Modi with Ram temple and  CAA  and failed in some others but the one thing that all of these countries saw under these leaders is the exponential increase in the polarisation on every line possible which suited their political constituency. The other thing is equating Government with the State, People criticising the govt. or raising their voice are questioned on their patriotism and rigorous laws like sedation are used very light handedly. As in the words of EID AMIN himself “ I can guarantee you FREEDOM OF SPEECH but I can’t guarantee you FREEDOM AFTER SPEECH “.These polarisation provocations led to the incidents like George Floyd in the USA to the recent Al-AQSA mosque in Jerusalem. One more characteristic of these regimes is the infallibility of their supreme leader or at least the image they have built that he can’t do anything wrong ever, which resulted in taking many seriously uninformed economic decision in India and talking the Coronavirus very lightly by the USA and UK.

On the positive side, they have thrived in many fields and took their country forward by leaps and bounces with the brute majority and the national leader being the most popular man with the following of almost every citizen. Building of an effective Direct benefit transfer mechanism by bringing the poorest of poor to the banking system, making the country open deification free, providing gas cylinders to homemakers in most of the rural areas are some of the major achievement of the Modi government which was left pending by many previous governments.

Economic strengthening by curtailing the outsourcing of work and services undertaken by trump improved their economical indicator.

Reducing the oil dependency by Russia,  building a very advanced and effective military by a small country like Israel and waging a war against drugs in Brazil are amongst many of the works that took more than just political will.

You must be thinking why china is not even mentioned, although CHI JING PING fulfils all the criteria of the so-called Right Wing Ultra Nationalist Alpha Male, it is because it’s a different phenomenon,China is a country ruled by one party with the national military being the military of the party itself (PLA). The communist regime in china  has no place for decent of any kind and every part of the machinery moves according to the will of some individuals in power(or rather One in this case) and there is an information blackout so we can’t ever measure or predict the nature of government CHI is running.

With the ouster of Donald Trump(although he got most votes ever by a republican candidate), Netanyahu struggling to claim his majority over and over again and Erdogan finding it difficult to run his small trans-continental country. We might see a reversal in the trend over the coming years or if this polarisation done over the years is much deep-rooted than our anticipation then these strong men and these regimes will keep coming back in one way or another.

We have also left those middle eastern Islamic countries and  African dictatorships because it’s long way for them to be even judged right or wrong,for that they have to at least become functional democracies which seems to be a far fetched dream at this point in time.

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